Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Episode #7: Danny's Dog (1' 57")

Episode #7: Danny and Scott are two of the production assistants
for TIM. They're easy-going and nice. Both also "escort" on the side.

Danny's dog is named Prada.

To my way of thinking (maybe because I'm from the midwest?) this is an unusual name for a male dog. Danny is studding out Prada.

Episode #6: The Salesmen, part 2 (2' 29")

Episode #6: Matt and Pete are salesmen for New Barbary Coast, the
distribution branch of TIM. They're always playing jokes on
each other.

Friday, December 12, 2008

From Nebraska to Treasure Island

My name is Ryan Sullivan.

I'm 23. I was raised in Grand Island, Nebraska. At one time, Grand Island was famous for its whore houses. Now, conservatives call it one of the "Best Communities In America for Young People."

Like other mid-western kids I hoped I had a wilder side to myself than Grand Island, Nebraska. So I got a video camera and started shooting everything and everyone.

One of my college friends used to call me Charlie Starkweather with a video camera. If you're from the MidWest, you know who Starkweather was.

My folks didn't think that was funny. I did.

This is my first video journal. It's about a company called Treasure Island Media.

I'll be posting episodes in rough form. Today I'm posting the first three.

How did I get hooked up with Treasure Island Media? Well, my older brother is gay. When he was thrown out of the house in 2001, I found his porn collection. There was one video.

I was really close to my brother, and odd as it may sound, once he was gone it made me feel closer to him knowing what he jerked off to.

Long story short, I got a grant to make a documentary. I decided to make it about this porn company.

So I called Paul Morris.

What's he like? Well, he asks lots of questions.

Finally, he said "Ok. Come to San Francisco and let's see how it goes."

He said he'd let me shoot some of his employees at first, but none of the actual porn production. I'm fine with that!

Paul says that if I stay out of everyone's way, he'll let me shoot some of his production men.

Dawson and Max Sohl and the guys in New York, and the guys in London and Chicago...all off-limits for now.

I hope you like the first episodes. Let me know what you think.