Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The new episode is posted

I've (finally) posted a new episode. It's on the official
site (click on the link over there on the right).

I'm going to Las Vegas this weekend with Paul, Nick and
Elliott. I'm hoping to shoot a lot of "behind the scenes"
footage for next week's episode.

My apologies to everyone for not responding to the comments,
here and on the main site. I read them all, actually,
every day. It means a lot to me that guys take
the time to tell me what they think, even if it's
negative. But I never seem to respond to them.
Honestly, I'm just not good at

It's cool that Jay saw me on the street. I do live in the
Haight. If you see me around town, definitely say hello.
It'd be fun to meet some of you guys.

Anyway, I hope you like the new episode.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Episode (on my main site)

I finally finished a new episode. I don't
know why I'm so damned slow. My apologies
to anyone who is watching. My plan is to
get one done per week.

That's also what Paul wants, so that's
what'll happen. He isn't exactly a tyrant,
I guess, but he has a way of making you
want to do things, and do them well.

So if you click on the link over there
on the right, it'll take you to the
other site.

Thanks for your patience, and
thanks to all of you who wrote comments
or emails to me. I'm an idiot about
responding, so I'm sorry about that!

And yes, I'm drinking a lot more these
days. I think that's just part of living
in San Francisco. People here take drinking
very seriously.