Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Episode #35: Serious Liam (2' 50")

Took a break from the actors and the auditions and shot porn.

Liam Cole, the TIM producer in London, sent some videos to Paul
this week. I'm including excerpts from them.

Liam has the TIM logo tattooed on his forehead. But there are
times when he goes to some public places and has to cover it
up. He shows how he does that. I have to confess I'm
really impressed!

I've been meeting with the lawyers for TIM. The company (well,
Paul Morris mostly) is asking me to sign a contract to produce
lots more of these episodes for a year or more.
In exchange for which I get a guarantee
of complete access to everything at TIM.

And I'd be paid for it. Damn.

Thanks again for all the comments, and to the guys
who've written to me. I try to get back to everyone but I'm
not great at email!



Monday, August 17, 2009

Episode #34: Big Emotions (5' 12")

Here's the latest episode. It starts off and finishes with
guys getting emotional about having sex.

In the middle is the incredibly awkward talk between Sergei (the guy who
auditioned for Paul's project) and Blake Burnett, one of the
suits who works for Paul.

Their conversation was so intense that I transcribed it
word for word. Then I had actors perform it as an
audition for one of my own projects.

Confused yet? This episode has a lot of stuff in it.

I hope you like it! Feel free to write to me and let me
know what you think.




Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Episode #33: Sergei's Life (7' 50")

I'm working hard on Paul's new video. It's going to be
called "Bone Head". I really like the name.

In the meantime, Sergei videotaped his daily life for
48 hours. This episode has footage from the porn
scene I'm working on and Sergei's footage of himself.

Hope you enjoy it. It's the longest episode I've made so far,
timing in at nearly 8 minutes.