Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Episode #11: Horror (2' 35")

The fact that Paul Morris loves horror (films)
seems to color many of the things he does.



  1. Sometimes there is something very erotic when you mix sex and violence. A shame he doesn't have any of these for sell on the market?


  2. Don't understand. It says Eastern Promisises was the film and then it shows the year 2005 after the bodybuilder ID. So was he a model in 2005, because teh film wasn't released until 2007 in th USA. Or it that another film by the same name? What does the 2005 mean? A year? For when? For what?

  3. hahaha

    "The company PR man tones Paul down" and then we get a wholesome loadtaker w/cute doggie pic LOL

    its like watching primetime news sometimes, after all the violence n crap we get the 'fluffy bunny' segment.

  4. Trauma-Based Mind Control. very effective in creating amoral sex slaves.