Saturday, March 13, 2010

Photos of Jess

Paul often hires guys so we can photograph them. I've lost
count of the number of men we've shot, but it's usually
one or two a week.

First Paul takes shots of the model. Then he hands
the camera to me and I shoot for a while. Sometimes
Nick or Elliott take a few shots, but only if
they're interested in the model. At the end of the
shoot, Paul always takes a few more shots, but only
two or three.

I've decided to start posting some of my photos here.
These are a few shots I took this week of a guy named

To give you a feel for our different styles, I'm also
posting a photo of Jess by Paul and a photo of him
taken by Nick.

Hope you like them!


Here's a photo that Nick took of Jess:

And this is a photo that Paul took of Jess:


  1. Ryan when are you going to pose nude for Paul?

  2. Thanks for starting this please keep it up now and then when you think the model or shots are interesting. Neat to see the differences in who shoots.

  3. Ryan did pose nude for Paul. I've seen the shots.

  4. Comparing the different photography styles (with the same model) is interesting. So far, I'd say Nick's style matches my taste best--but it's still early! Maybe it's just that I'm partial to pics of guys all spread out on the floor, looking at gayporn.

  5. can i pose for you. woulkd love to do some porn for you guys
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