Saturday, March 27, 2010

Photos of a Martial Artist

I was in New York for a week, but am back and working on a series
of new "Island" episodes. The first will be going up this coming

In the meantime, here are stills from another photo shoot that I
did with Paul Morris.

The model was a very interesting man. He's extremely tall (at least 6' 4").
He towered over me.

In addition to martial arts, he also does tattoos. He
did all of his own tattoos (including the tattoos that
cover his cock).

Here are three photos I took of him:

And here are two photos that Paul took of the same man:


  1. I love the way that you and Paul use light - so different. Yours created an enhancement and texture to the photo - whilst Pauls was is more of an accent and secondary.

  2. Paul's first photo, hands down the best. Great angle for capturing his height, tattoos and manhood.

    Your first photo is over powered by a terrible glare. It really makes the model become lesser. It directs attention away from the model. The third photo would be a tough opponent for Paul's, if it was closed in on the subject more and Black & White. With his pale skin and the black exterior, it would just pop!

  3. it's wednesday....

  4. Is this guy in NYC? I like his style of tattoo work....I am sure he would not want you to share his information, however you can pass my email address to him if you guys are in contact. Genuinenly interested in him for a tattoo and not for anything sexual.
    You might also be interested in my blog.

  5. So are we gonna see him in any TIM movies? What I just don't like about TIM is the lack of any info about the guys (without revealing too much about their personal info, of course). It adds to the story line, it kinda humanizes the flick because we get a lot of fake studio "amateur" sites that are so methodical.

    I hope you guys can make a servicing straight guys series. Thanks!
    Thank you sir.