Saturday, April 3, 2010

A New Episode Posted

It's one of the oddest episodes, I think. And one of the
longest (nearly 10 minutes long).

It's posted in my main site (click on the link over
there to the right ---> ).

I just got word that I've been invited to show ISLAND
in a Berlin Adult Film Festival. I don't have any
information about it yet, but I'll post the details
once I get them.

I hope you guys are all enjoying Spring. Here
in SF it's been cold and wet but really



  1. just dropping by to say that i love your work... i'm a pornaholic :P but u mada porn look like a brilliant work of art! keep on doing ur magical work~

  2. why so long between postings?? almost a month!

  3. Hope you're fine !

  4. if your ever planning to cum to ireland let me know, i would gladly let your knob use the back of my throat for sume dumping, or if you know of or want to share me with some of your buddies that might be cumming here or living here, please feel free to give them my email address.

    swallow, aka, paul