Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What I've been working on...

I know some of you think I'm lazy, and maybe I am, but
I've been working on a more-or-less feature length version
of Island.

It's finally done. You can watch the intro if you go to
my "official" website. Just click on the link over there
on the right.

To thank you all for your patience in between my posts,
if you like what you see, I'll be happy to send you a copy
of the whole thing. It's a dvd that lasts around 70 minutes.

It's been crazy putting it together, kind of like a gigantic
jigsaw puzzle. I'm still not sure if it really works, but
I'm hoping some of you will watch it and send me comments.



  1. First of all the word lazy connotes moral failure and disapproval. I, for one, do not view you as lazy. The stuff you produce is too amazingly good. Consider yourself an artist, and a piece of art is ready when it is ready and not one moment earlier.

    Do you understand what you are achieving? I have never seen anything that is remotely like this. It is a documentary on one level, but it is soulful and real on another, deeper level. You are not simply capturing the goings on at a controversial porn company. You are capturing a good piece of what the performers, the staff, and the customers are. Most documentaries are either very dry in the way films shown in social studies are dry, or they project a message that is desired by the videographer. You are capturing the facts and the nuances of something most people would never see or grasp. Your work does not carry the pretensions of most modern directors or documentarians nor does it project a moral judgement. Perhaps we can say it is cinema verité without the jaded pretensions of the French or New York.

    I am ready to award you the Palm d'Or and an Oscar just on this work, but it is premature. You have something very rare in someone so young especially from Grand Island, Nebraska. Your work is truly extraordinary.

  2. You already told us you had to prepare for that film festival, so, you know, usually movies take tons of time to prepare and complete, so I'm guessin' that with your film, you've been hella busy!

  3. dude, why do you offer copies of your movie if you then you don't reply to messages asking for it?

  4. ^because hes lazy lol^

  5. your videos have moved just wondering how they haven't been nominated for an academy award. Your work is very touching.

  6. hey bud,
    what video is seth and lito in?? would be damn hot to see lito top seth for a long time

  7. I would very much love to have a copy of the movie. My email is It would be very interesting to meet you in person.

  8. Wy time is so long for waiting for news from you?
    I think the answer is simple: the quality of your mouvies (well, I can't exclude the story between you and your brother) - and that says to me, I wasn't wrong when I was facinated by this young mans work.
    Keep going on - take care of you!

  9. bueno este documental llego tambien bien lejos a una tierra llamada chile ,realmente es un documental que llega al , en donde captas tantos gestos y sentimientos realmente sabes me ha encantaria poder tener una copia mi msn es por cierto me llamo michell saludos ryan!