Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DVD update

Thanks to everyone who asked for a DVD of ISLAND. I was really surprised by how many of you wanted to see it, and how much great feedback I got. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be sending out any more DVD's right now. I've been busy getting the rights to some of the music and footage that I've used in ISLAND because Paul wants to include it as a bonus feature in his next DVD, What I Can't See 3. I'll keep you all posted about the progress of it and when it should be coming out.

Thanks for watching,



  1. Thank you for the update! I'll be looking forward to WICS3 for two reasons now ;-)

  2. Hope we'll one day be able to buy Island in a way that benefits you financially.

  3. Thank you for sharing your video with us! God...your documentary was amazing to say the least. The whole time I just wanted you and your brother to find each other and have a happy family reunion and that didn't happen. The film's ambiguity is frustrating. When John found out about the movie did he wonder if you were one of the guys 'he didn't see'? Have you two even spoken since then? Why did John say he didn't want to see you? Let me know if you're ever in San Diego and need a tour guide or want to sit an answer silly questions from a art nerd.