Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Picture of me

Here's a picture of me that Elliott Wilder took the other day. I was standing in
for a photo model who didn't show up, doing Paul a favor.

Three guys ended up taking my picture. Paul, Elliott and Nick.

Given that I'd just posted an episode with photos that Paul and I take,
I thought it was only fair that I post one that got taken of me.

It was strange being on the other side of the camera. I have
to admit I didn't especially like it.

Makes me appreciate what it's like!




  1. i wish i had been the one to corrupt you.

  2. Ryan, you are sexy. Nice lips!!!!

  3. Make me think of Caravaggio painting. The light and warm colour. Very nice and very sexy.

  4. thank you for getting in front of the camera. hopefully there will be more yet to cum

  5. Some of Paul's viewers at Flickr have expressed admiration for your good looks and much appreciation for your having let us admire you nude. You seemed to get over your initial embarrassment and have fun posing after a while, and I'd be glad if you chose to do some work before the camera as well as behind it. Some of us have said as much to Paul in the comments to his photostream at Flickr.

  6. You remind me of Jon Bon Jovi...only hotter!

  7. Hey Quasi,

    Can you post a link to Paul's Flick page? I think many of us would love to see more photos.

  8. Ryan nice pic didnt I mention slippery slopes? ;-)

    Brave Lad and thanks again for the video I will be doing a post and this one is added inducement!

    All the best!

  9. That's Jon Bon Jovi back in the day!

  10. Gorgeous portrait; you should get in front of the camera more often