Wednesday, October 7, 2009

From My Mail Box

I'm taking a break this week from making a new episode. There'll be a new
one next week, though.

It turns out that I'm getting a lot of email. A lot of it is great, from guys who
like or support what I'm up to (or at least are kind of intrigued).

But there're also quite a few guys who aren't exactly fans. Here's one

Dear Sir,

The video work you do, as vapidly uninspired as it is (and as badly shot) is nevertheless relatively sexy in the sole respect that as UK TV host Russell Harty once said “ we can’t all see each other in the act of sex, so thank goodness for pornography”.

By trying to identify with Charlie Starkweather, you come across as a bloated, eyeliner-wearing, Big Mac-eating Goth, who, after being bullied by guys in gym class for being a chubby loser, decides to be all “dark” and “punk” and in essence , desperately trying to be lugubrious.

You are trying too hard and it makes you laughable.

Murder is actually not entertainment and there is genuinely nothing very “sexy” about it. I should know. I come from a long line of killers.....

My advice for you is to grow up and stop imagining yourself to be a “creature of the night”, fascinated by murder and all that the mystery of uninvited death explores....

Perhaps you need to take up a proper hobby. Run around fields and fill your lungs with air. Buy a hamster. Do some arts and crafts. Indeed anything but the faux “dark” “art” you involve yourself with.....

Like a 13 year old girl who buys a henna tattoo and who thinks herself the Queen of the Night, you are nothing but a plumber’s idea of Cleopatra.... get yourself a life.....

[name removed] M.A (Hons), M.A P.G Dip. B Sc, L Lb


I honestly have no idea how to respond to letters like this. Parts of it lost me
entirely (I'm not sure what "a plumber's idea of Cleopatra" means, exactly).
I'm impressed that the writer knew about Charlie Starkweather (a lot of guys
my age don't know who that is.)

Anyway, it was a friend back at GISH (Grand Island Senior High, where I went to school)
who called me that. I never actually called myself "Charlie Starkweather with a camera".

Well, maybe it's just a Nebraska thing.

Whatever the case, I'm happy that a guy with so many degrees took the time
to write to me.

New episode next week.

Thanks to everybody!



  1. There will always be bitter old queens who have nothing better to do than write others and put them down or trash their work. Your videos are great keep it up!

  2. i agree with the previous poster. i'm really enjoying your stuff!

  3. Ryan,

    Command of the English language does not make one a Rhodes Scholar, nor does it make one a film critic. More times than not (if used to inflame) is a ruse for someone who is likely bereft of any real talent whatsoever.

    As I have written to you before... keep up the good work and express yourself however you choose. My guess is that you have way more fans than not.


    -Matt in Atlanta, GA USA

  4. I enjoy your work. It creates a different level of sexual illusion to the cult of TIM. And I also enjoy your sense of humor. Congrats and keep it up.

  5. Blown away with the first part of the DVD, (And thanks!) I am in awe here. LOL Doesnt mean I have reassesed Paul Morris yet? I still think he is a Cult Leader but he,TIM the models and staff this will all take time to soak in.

    Everyone should see this project, have an open mind and decide from the facts.

    More to come I have more film to watch and Sully your amazing! ;-)

    My early warning still holds, don't join the cult at the end of your project (unless you really want to) I am sure Paul would love "Fresh Meat".

    Hmm didnt know Paul was such a Horror/Slash fan. Coming from the other direction many Horror filmmakers are really shooting psudo porn who will truly merge the two artforms?

    And he MAY have some competition looks like Chris Ward is pushing hard that way with a simulated snuff film, and wonder if he watched YOURS first?

    Lesson to the Documentarian if you think Hollywood is full of thieves you haven't seen anything like Porn Directors!

    Its in Focus/Refocus

  6. "I should know. I come from a long line of douche-bags."

  7. Sounds like an old fart, regardless of that person's age.