Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The new episode: Fire and Ice

I'm an idiot at tech stuff. I've tried to post the new episode here,
but it's apparently too long for the blog site.

It's nearly 10 minutes long and I guess that's too much for
this blog site.

I've posted it at the other website for ISLAND that the
guys at TIM have started for me.

You can check it out at

It's a spiffy site. It has a picture of me at the top.
I didn't put the picture there, but I'm ok with it.

Sorry this one took so long to post (and to make!).
I'll get the next one out quicker.



  1. Started off good but really changed in direction. I'm not sure where you are heading with this anymore (part of me still wonders if this is the same guy who started off this project).

    I found the opening scene and closing scene at Union Square to be wonderfully shot. To me you captured a natural scenery very well. I really liked the dancing skates.

    I just have a couple of questions
    What is your sexual orientation?
    What are you doing for TIM now? (I ask, because these web page is making it seem like TIM is pimping you out, for lack of a better expression)
    Where is song from? (I think it would reveal somethings more about this episode)

    I didn't like the glimpse of yourself masturbating, I found it to be predictable actually. I'm just confused about somethings in this episode.

  2. If you want to add your personal touch to your work by including bits and pieces of yourself, what's wrong with that? You are nice to look at, so I'm not complaining. If you were really masturbating, hey, thanks for sharing! (You're HOT!)

  3. i loved it. I also cannot place the aria. Puccini, I think. I want to know.

  4. I thought it a good episode but I am wondering what's happenign with your bro? It seemed a big deal but now seems to have vanished off the radar. Also - how do you think what you're doing now fits with your original aims in the early episodes of this series? Totally addicted to this blog/these episodes, so keep them coming Sully!

  5. Anonymous @ 12:55 - maybe nothing's happening with his brother. What I got from Ryan's posts suggests that his brother didn't want to reestablish contact with Ryan and I believe he flew in from out of town (Chicago?) to model. So how would Ryan be able to reach him if his bro didn't want that to happen?

    That said, I also look forward to your updates. Good work Ryan!

  6. This is all fiction guys!
    amazing how horniness can make men dumb

  7. I love the series, this episode included. I know it's fiction. That doesn't stop me from analyizing and talking about it.

  8. If this whole thing is is VERY GOOD FICTION! Someone give the team that has come up with this idea an Oscar already!

  9. Great insight to the filming of good porn. Excellent episode. Not sure about the shot with you at the end don't think it add to an otherwise great post. Keep up the good work. Best wishes for the New Year! Are you going to the film festival?

  10. that guy whose cock you grabbed is fucking hot! is he coming back?

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  12. So much for getting around to the next one quicker.

  13. hi there sully i have followed your project with great interest from the begining and have found it quite fascinating -i havnt been able to watch your fire and ice entry though cos ,for some reason my pc just wont load it ..anything wrong with the site ?ive tried since you posted it with no luck -anyway keep up the interesting work man...