Friday, September 11, 2009

Episode #37: I Sign the Contract (3' 08")

This week I signed a contract with Treasure Island.

It's an exclusive production deal for three years. Yow!

It's nice to have some real security and income, but I have to
admit that I'm a little nervous about the commitment.

A gay friend said that he thought it was "immoral" for me
to commit to TIM. He made it sound like I was selling my
soul to the devil.

I don't think so. They're really nice guys.

Next week I've scheduled another murder. I'm hoping this one
will be better than the last!

Thanks for all the emails and the comments. I really appreciate it.



  1. Hey Sully...

    Intriguing project.

    You mentioned your older brother's orientation early on... have you mentioned your own somewhere along the way?

  2. Don't worry about signing a deal with "the devil." At least you know where you stand with the devil.

  3. Vince is the sexiest man. What a smile!

  4. Hmm, there's something paradoxical/perplexing about splicing your faceless and kinda intriguing angst with an admittedly pretty enough straight guy - it seems at odds with the TIM ethos & leaves me cold.

  5. Whatever you're doing Mr. Sullivan, I'm loving it. More!

  6. Awesome work Ryan! I think your work puts an interesting perspective on gay culuture, porn culture, and sexual orientation. Congrats and do not feel like you sold your soul to the devil. In the end its a porn company. Regardless of the does not MAKE anyone perform the actions it presents. So kudos and I hope to see more and more of your work.

    I was hoping to see the face behind the camera. You, Paul, and Max's identity are the industry's biggest kept secrets lol.


  7. Immoral: violating moral principles; not conforming to the patterns of conduct usually accepted or established as consistent with principles of personal and social ethics.

    Documentary: A work, such as a film or television program, presenting political, social, or historical subject matter in a factual and informative manner and often consisting of actual news films or interviews accompanied by narration.

    I see nothing about immmorality in the definition of documentary. Documentaries have been made about a variety of subjects, many of which are considered immoral by some, but not by others. That doesn't mean that the person making the documentaries is immoral. They're just recording the facts.

    Ryan - does your gay friend have issues with TIM and their videos? Is that where his feelings stem from possibly?

    Stay true to yourself and what you know to be right. You'll be fine if you do. And you'll get to stay in the Bay Area for the next three years! Nothing wrong with that!!

  8. I do have a question for Ryan Sullivan.

    Ryan do you think at the end of this project you will be the same man you are today? I doubt it most documentarians who delve into a dangerous and intoxicating milieu for their subject matter are not left unscathed.

    I am sure Paul Morris is thinking I get a lot of publicity and in 3 years we might just have a new model.

    Yes Ryan you may be straight but for TIM that is immaterial your a sexual man and you certainly have an interest in what they do. Will you be able to stay objective?

    Or will you end your project on your back taking 50 loads in a weekend like Dawson?

    That is the Danger for you as a filmmaker, This is..

    Filming without a Safety Net and may be as dangerous to you physically and mentally as filming genocide in some third world county!

    A good analogy since many gay men think Paul Morris and TIM represents a culture of Death and Nihilism while Paul and Co would strenuously argue otherwise.

    Be careful Ryan,you have our attention, even from the ones who claim total ignorance of the Cult of TIM!

    The above is from My Blog post on your Contract signing.

  9. well i think you need to sign with whom ever you feel comfortable with.and vince needs o get filmed with a nice hard dick up his ass.