Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Episode #38: I Kill a Hustler (3' 01")

Some crazy technical problems at a porn shoot. Cameras
not working, lights going out. But the two guys who were having sex
were incredibly patient.

My second attempt at killing a guy came out better
than the first one. It turns out it's a lot easier to kill
a man with a plastic bag than with a tie. Kill and

Thanks for all the emails and comments!




  1. you are heading down a very bad path my friend, all this killing shit and working with morris. i honestly think youd better do better things with your talent and your time. shame.

  2. I know you are just playing around but do you have any idea how offensive it is to see a straight man pretend to "kill a hustler"? Hardly a day goes by without a new incident of an LGBT person being bashed or killed. Would you make a video pretending to lynch a black person?

    Combine that with promoting a company that is responsible for fetishizing unsafe sex, which has undeniably led to gay men getting a chronic and still sometimes fatal disease (because people with HIV/AIDS still sometimes die before they otherwise would). Is it any wonder why some of your gay friends think you have sold your sold to the devil?

    Correct me if I misunderstood, but you are now being paid by TIM right? If so, you are no longer making an objective documentary.

    To the person who says TIM doesn't FORCE anyone to do anything, that is a cop-out, and you know it. The reason companies spend big money on advertising is because it works - you can persuade people to do things they would otherwise not do and even things which are not in their best interests.

    Porn was a life saver for many gay men in the 80s. First because it acted as a replacement for a lot of the sex we were having before AIDS. On top of that, it helped eroticize safer sex. Then "bareback" porn came along to undo that, at least for a portion of the community, by glorifying and fetishzing anal sex without condoms.

    How would you feel if your brother gets HIV? How about all the other people's brothers who are being seduced into a dangerous lifestyle by TIM?

  3. personally, i find this offensive.

    claude, i have to disagree with you. TIM saying it doesn't force anyone to do what it does is *not* a cop-out. i think that's a silly statement to make. the models are not forced to be having the kind of sex they're having, these are consenting adults.

    unsafe sex, whether you like it or not, is something gay men do, and they do regularly...whether they are hiv + or hiv -. sure, of course, for the most part, most gay men are conscious of the risks of unsafe sex, but gay men also have dicks, and are human, and are at times gonna do things because they want to do them...for sexual reasons, or psychological, or emotional, or whatever. either way, to demonize what gay men decide to do, or suggest it, i feel, isn't taking the reality of the situation.

    TIM, imo, isn't doing anything morally wrong. they put warnings, to the best of my knowledge, before all of their videos...and none of us here are idiots. we are conscious and aware of the risks. the thing is, the face of hiv has changed over the years..so it's become something which people no longer see as a death sentence. thank God for that, but at the same time, it also leads to the potential actions that some people will take as they may see hiv as something where "one pill a day" takes care of it, which isn't the situation at all.

    more importantly though....i think to eroticize death is completely wrong. like another poster said, it can lead down to a very slippery path. killing someone isn't erotic. killing someone isn't hot. killing someone doesn't get me off. and killing someone is morally, by most people's standards, wrong.

    if TIM wants to get people to talk about their studio and their videos...well then, this may be the way to go. but, do i agree with it? nope. and at the end of the day, TIM will need to deal with their karma on the the eroticization of death...not to mention the potential things it suggests to viewers.

    at the end of the day, TIM is gonna do what they wanna do...fair enough. they have a right to do so for the most part. will it make me reconsider purchasing their dvd's, or viewing them? possibly...and that will hurt their bank account at the end of the day, which they will feel for sure.

  4. one thing i will say though...the models cast look pretty hot. i'll give 'em that.

  5. I love TIM and rarely do I find anything shocking but this did make me watch in a very different way from the ususal.

    I really do think that the 'God squad' will love this.

    Not my thing Paul.

  6. Well that's exactly the problem with bareback porn - the eroticization of death or at least sickness and a lifetime of costly (to society if not the patient) drugs and treatment. And as I said before HIV/AIDS still can and does lead to premature death.

    I am certainly not demonizing gay men for being human. But it is exactly because it is so easy to fall off the safer sex wagon that those in the gay porn business (and it is a business done for profit) - which has a huge effect on the erotic desires and behaviors of gay men - have a moral responsibility to encourage and eroticize safer sex.

    If someone wants to see condomless sex they can watch pre-AIDS porn. Of course, the knowledge that many of the actors (as they were called then, some deservedly so) died of AIDS if a far more effective disincentive than any hypocritical warning.

    Moreover, we do not allow employers to put employees health at risk if it can be avoided, even if the employees "consent". If OSHA, at both the state and federal levels, were doing their job, companies like TIM would be fined out of existence.

  7. mmmmmmh.. a little bit too much 4 me guys..

  8. "I really do think that the 'God squad' will love this."

    The same thing can be said for everything that Treasure Island Media does. One of the favorite things that homophobes like to say is "I hope you get AIDS and die".

    As a black man I often think, who needs the KKK anymore with all of these gang killings. We are doing their dirty work for them. Well barebacking is the gay version of this. Who needs Fred Phelps and company when we are doing their dirty work for them.

  9. claude, your statement of 'we do not allow employers to put emloyees' life at risk' is a bad metaphor/correlation to make when it comes to the activitied being done by the participants at TIM.

    first off, this is sex. sex is not a manager telling their employee to give a certain marketing manager a spreadsheet. sex is something which is in a completely different category all together. furthermore, people who are in construction put their lives at risk every day. people who are in the fire department put their lives at risk every day. people who are in the police unit put their lives at risk every day. no one forces them to do so, they do it because they love doing what they're doing. the people in TIM flicks are consenting adults, who are doing with their dicks and their bodies as they please, and as they have every right to do. you can argue, in a sense, that they are "putting themselves at risk" by doing what they're doing...but like firemen, like policemen, like construction workers, like reef divers, etc.---they are doing it because *they* want to do. so, your employer vs employee correlation fails in both senses.

    a. we're talking about sex, which is a completely different situation than an employer vs employer-type situation where you argue "no employer puts the employee's life at risk"...and...

    b. even if we were to go by that argument, i just named plenty of situations where the "employee" has their life put at risk.

    (continued in other post....)

  10. (continued from prior post....)

    TIM is not eroticizing death by having bareback sex films. that is your own stigmatization that you have put on hiv by equating hiv with death. basically, you are saying, bareback sex equals death. not only is that an outdated statement, but it's also incredibly inaccurate in the world we live in today. hiv is by no means a cakewalk, but it is a completely different thing today. medication, proper care, more knowledge, etc. has changed the face of hiv. are there still complications from the medicine and having hiv? of course there is, but it's not in the same manner as before. more and more, and this has been verified by several health reports from sound organizations, people with long term hiv are getting sick from things that have nothing to do with hiv and everything to do with simply getting older. is this the case for all? nope. but is it an increasing situation? absolutely, and it's going to continue to increase because more and more people are learning to have to live long-term with hiv, have a healthy life, and then they simply get older...and have complications from that.

    anyhow, my point is, your equation is unsafe sex=hiv=death. nope, sorry, like i said. completely outdated and inaccurate situation in 2009.

    my dislike for this video clip is not the bareback sex. bareback sex is happening, people are doing it, people are going to continue to do it, and for TIM to depict that, to me, is not morally wrong. why should someone limit themselves, as you suggest, to simply watching pre-condom porn to get off to some unprotected sex imagery? what? and *that* makes it morally ok for you because it was pre-aids? do you realize the absurdity of your statement? basically you're saying, "oh, it's ok to fantasize and get off to bareback porn...but *only* if it's porn that happened pre-aids." you're suggesting, in some off manner, that because the knowledge of aids didn't exist for those actors...that it's all right to get off to it. you fail to realize that the viewer is living in 2009, where they are fully aware of hiv/aids...the knowledge is already there, watching pre-condom defeats the entire purpose of what you're suggesting because the viewer has an "in" so to speak. he already knows.

    anyhow, like i mentioned before, what bothers me is the eroticization of death. like i said, there is *nothing* that is hot to me about death. there is *nothing* erotic to me about death. there is *nothing* that makes me wanna jack off about death. it's an ugly eroticization, to me, and i think it truly goes into a very dark place in the humam mind which is a place i never wanna see, and i hope i never do.

  11. Excellent. Everybody has an opinion. What is it they say? Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one? T.I.M. is the best. Keep up the great work. Don't be known for dull porn!

  12. While it is impossible to remove all danger from certain professions, the government still has safety precautions to minimize the risk which must be followed.

    This is not amateur porn. The models are chosen by the company. Who they have sex with is determined by the company as is the kind of sex they have. This is a business and the government has the right, indeed the obligation, to set rules to minimize (not eliminate) the risk to workers. Sex workers are still workers.

    As for HIV/AIDS mortality, take away the drugs and all the progress we've made goes away. We just dodged a bullet in California where the Governor wanted to drastically reduce funds for the program which provides drugs for people with HIV without health insurance (which I suspect includes some TIM models). We won this time (though he slashed other HIV/AIDS programs) but if the general public were to find out about barebacking porn, parties, websites, etc., support for these programs could dry up real fast.

  13. MMMMM there is big a discussion here, but the I think that BB is not killing cause the BB's (almost) are always hiv-positive at TIM's, there is nothing wrong with that! I practice barebacking sometimes, but I am already 10 years Hiv-positive! If I was negative I would certainly not do BB with every guy I have sex with.

    And Sully...what a cute boy you killed over there, but I hope it isn't KALEB SCOTT ???

  14. I'm responding here simply in reference to the film that Sully posted. I am not going to even delve into the argument on TIM porn that has exploded in these comments. I think that many solid arguments have been made and I can see the validity in them all. In regards to this particular video - I have this to say to you all - it is FILM. Honestly people, you have to lighten up a little and look at it for what it is - FILM. Is it pure cinematic brillance? Maybe not quite there there yet (even though it does have some Jarman-esque qualities to it) but is it snuff? No. How many deaths do we see in movies every single day? You can go to a multiplex horror film and see someone's head get sliced off with a shovel and not raise your fists in outrage. How is it that we look at that portrayal of death as "entertainment" and demonize this particular portrayal of "murder"? Is it all just a bit too "real" for you all? Sully, honestly, I see a very strong aesthetic to your work - and I appreciate it. Working in entertainment, I have seen many many films in my day and I do think that in the short length of time you have been doing this (you are QUITE young still!) you have really shown a burgeoning craft. I hope that you continue on - continue to push the boundaries - continue to inspire heated debate - continue to allow your work to gain greater depth. You do have a great skill - and I enjoy seeing that skill come to life with your videos. And again people - lighten up - no one died!

  15. I too find the moral outrage to the "death" scene a little bit curious, especially from people who have no problems with barebacking. Unlike barebacking, no one who watches this (except for someone who is already very disturbed) is going to go out and mimic it. Nor do I think it was really an attempt to "eroticize death". Given that Sully is straight after all, I think it was more a break from the sex and an attempt to add something that wasn't produced by TIM. Why people are mad at TIM for this, I don't get. In any case, horror movies mix sex and death all the time.

    Being someone who reads gay blogs which report gay bashings and murders all the time, my reaction was a political one not an artistic one. Even so, it is pretty clear that Ryan is one of the most non-homophobic men on the planet. Even some of the most liberal straight men who support gay rights still wouldn't want to get this up close and personal to gay sex. He is the straight brother or friend we wish we all had. However, someone just stumbling on to this site for the first time might not get that right away.

    I do think he needs to learn from the reactions here though. He needs to understand his audience which is primarily gay men, many of whom came here looking for porn. The juxtaposition of sex and death is something that most gay men don't want to see. It's a definite buzz kill.

    Even when it comes to non-porn horror movies, there is a divide in the gay community. I belong to SF Movie Bears. It's founder is a big fan of horror movies but eventually he formed another group - Scare Bears - to see horror movies because many people just didn't want to see those kinds of movies. As people who are often victimized by violence many gay men have a visceral reaction to anything which seems to glorify it or minimize its impact.

    Even so, in this case, now that I have a better sense of who Ryan is, I have no problem with it. In fact, I did find it a little sexy. Doesn't mean I'm going to go out and murder anyone. I can separate fantasy from reality. There are no bad fantasies, including barebacking. I never judge people's fantasies - just their actions.

  16. I love TIM porn but your murder scenes are sad. I'm surprised TIM would want to be associated with it. If this is purely for publicity, it's a cheap and pathetic approach.

    Your attitude towards hustlers only shows you still carry your small, hic-town attitudes. Have you even met a hustler, little boy?

  17. I think Sully is attempting to mimic a 1950s or early 60s view of "hustlers". Maybe it's a faux snuff film with a little eroticism thrown in. I think most guys who do erotic services call themselves "sex workers" these days, as do the women in the same business.

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  19. I think you should kill yourself instead.

  20. he was a cute boy and u killed him with out fucking him ?:P:D

  21. Well, it's not even interesting filmmaking in terms of shock value, which is the obvious intent. Pretentious push-the-envelope filmmaking never really works. When you try this hard to be provocative, it's kitsch.

  22. I don't get it. I am negative and would never even come close to consider activities I see in TIM videos. TIM porn has always turned me on though. Without a doubt some of the hottest action I've ever seen. To state that these videos "FORCE" men into bareback sex in plain silly. Just cause you see someone in a film toss themselves off a bridge doesn't mean you're going to give it a go. We all have free will and conscience. However, The killing of a hustler scene I didn't find sexy or provacative in any way. What a lousy premise to go along with a film that is supposed to be "sexy". Try again....

  23. Corrosive to our community and movement.