Saturday, September 26, 2009

Got Into a Festival in Brasil!

I've been getting a lot of really intense and interesting emails. Some of it's
really cool. Some of it isn't. But I'm trying my best to respond to all of it.

To all the folks I seem to have royally pissed off, I'm sorry! My intention
isn't to anger or piss folks off. I'm just doing what I think is real.

I'm working on the latest episode, which should be ready by Monday or Tuesday.

And in the meantime, I got good news. "ISLAND" (a compilation of 23 episodes
chronicling the first few months I spent documenting Treasure Island Media)
has been accepted into the Brazil Mix Film Festival.

It's happening in Sao Paulo this November. And ISLAND is going to
be translated into Portuguese for it.



  1. nice to see what you look like. I'm loving your litle movies and hope you bravely do whatever you want to explore and to document. Be brave! Just don't bore me.

  2. OK, here is my problem. Maybe I need to email to get a genuine response because he doesn't seem to respond to comments.

    Exactly how are you "doing what is real?" There is a difference between a documentary and a reality show. What I'm seeing here seems much more like the latter, which we all know is often not very "real" at all.

    Now I haven't watched every second of every episode (in some cases because on Firefox some of the episodes stop in the middle) so excuse me if I missed this, but I think I've got the gist of it. How can anyone who considers himself a "serious filmmaker" not ask about the first issue that comes to mind when one thinks of TIM? I've yet to see anyone asked about safe sex and barebacking. Or about the HIV status of the actors and whether they are asked about it. Is there any attempt to match positives with positives and negatives with negatives (serosort)? How do they feel about the criticism they've received? Do they think of themselves as crusaders for sexual freedom or are they just trying to make a buck or a combination of both?

    Those are the kinds of questions that inquiring minds want answered. We can already see the sex on their videos. We don't need you for that. Nothing wrong with spicing your videos up with a little sex, but most of what I've seen that goes beyond that is pretty surface level, not that deep. And now that you are being paid by TIM can we really expect you to ask anything they don't want to get into?

  3. That's quite an accomplishment, getting your work recognized and selected to be featured. Hope it's a great experience for you. I haven't watched all of your clips yet (new here) but I can only assume from the reactions that it must be controversial, which is always good from an entertainment point of view.

    I did watch the latest kill video with the bag and was disturbed because it did feel authentic. That's a success on your part *applause*. I have a bit of a preoccupation with hustlers and I think this is an interesting exploration.

  4. Nice photo. Always enjoy your film clips.